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Sexual Healing & Transmutation : Unleashing Your Abundance MP3

Sexual Healing & Transmutation : Unleashing Your Abundance MP3

$ 28.00

Did you know, that sexual energy is manifesting energy as well?  Healing our sexual energy is a must for a healthy abundant life. Sexuality and intimacy at its highest expression and utilization, can lift your vibrations and consciousness, and can further connect you to your spiritual self. This MP3 will help:

  • Heal discordant energies around your sexuality: deep rooted limiting beliefs and thoughts patterns, hurt, guilt, shame, traumas, dysfunctions, energetic cords from partners, and other negative energies.
  • Realign, heal and restore the 2nd chakra, for being able to enjoy life more
  • Be more charismatic, by possessing a healthy and safe sexy vibration
  • Sexual energy transmutation, for more creativity and expression

With this purchase includes 8 min energetically embedded MP3 w/ healing music & soundless version and pdf instruction.

*Individual results may vary. Please read our refund policy and disclaimers on purchase(s).

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