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5D Children Dimensional Healing Session MP3

5D Children Dimensional Healing Session MP3

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Children who were born 2005 and after are sometimes referred to as “Children of the 5th World” because they vibrate at the 5th dimensional (5-D) level and higher rather than at the 3rd dimensional (3-D) level. These very special, sensitive, and conscious children are regarded as high ascended masters who are here for a special purpose. To help them achieve their purpose, we need to nurture these amazing souls. Using this MP3 will help enable you to support them in uncovering their greatness and be all they can be. Adults and older children can also use this MP3 to heal their “inner child” and to work on healing issues, blocks, imbalances, and misalignments that are common to children in general. It doesn’t matter whether these issues are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual in nature. This MP3 can help!

With this purchase includes energetically embedded 15 min MP3 w/ binaural beats music & soundless version and pdf instruction.

*Individual results may vary. Please read our refund policy and disclaimers on purchase(s).

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