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Removing & Shielding from Attachments and Other Negative Energies MP3

Removing & Shielding from Attachments and Other Negative Energies MP3

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Be free from the negative forces interfering with you, your loved ones, and your environment (home, workplace, business, and other public places).  Use this powerful MP3s to

  • Transmute negative energies, such as curses, black magic, voodoo, cords, contracts, and vows no longer for your Highest Good
  • Release all kinds of negative entities with 100% success for your Highest Good
  • Repair auric fields to 100%
  • Restore Life Force Energy
  • Raise your Light Score and that of your environment, it's the ability to be free and remain free of negative entity attachments

Using this MP3 will shield you and prevent you from being a "honing beacon" or magnet for negative entities and other attachments.  In addition, each time you play this MP3, your house and environment will automatically be “charged up” with high vibration energies to further holds up this protection shield.

NOTE: If you know you have severe and chronic negative entity attachments, then highly recommend you also get the "Psychic Attacks and Emergencies MP3". May also consider extra healing support like 24 hours entity clearing plus lots more via the 14 Days Distance/Remote Healing.

With this purchase includes energetically embedded 5min MP3 w/ binaural beats music & soundless version and pdf instruction.

*Individual results may vary. Please read our refund policy and disclaimers on purchase(s).

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