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Removing Heart Walls, Addictive Heart Energies & Frozen Emotions MP3

Removing Heart Walls, Addictive Heart Energies & Frozen Emotions MP3

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Quickly clears out heartwalls, addictive heart energies, and frozen emotions in you, loved ones, pets/animals, your home, your businesses, and more.

  • More than 93% of people have heart walls due to unprocessed or trapped emotions. More heartwalls can also be re-created by negative entities (ETs).  Heartwalls can cause or contribute to any number of health problems, such as depression and heart disease.  In addition, they can block you from achieving success or from giving and receiving love.  They can even block you from attracting your soulmate.
  • Addictive Heart Energies are energies created out of the heart’s desperation to feel love, happiness, or another form of positive energy and can be the driving force behind additions.
  • This MP3 further releases frozen emotions from your energy field which drive your beliefs and your actions. Many times these frozen emotional fields block a person/animal from healing a chronic physical or emotional issue.

No matter how many heartwalls, addictive heart energies, and/or frozen emotions one person, animal, or place may have, it can be all cleared safely for the Highest Good of all at quantum speed!

With this purchase includes energetically embedded 10min MP3 w/ binaural beats music & soundless version and pdf instruction.

*Individual results may vary. Please read our refund policy and disclaimers on purchase(s).

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