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Relationships Healing Through Infinity MP3

Relationships Healing Through Infinity MP3

$ 25.00

To help you work through and heal all the relationships in your life: past, present, and future through infinity. Whether it be your relationship to yourself, to current or past partner (s), family members, and other relationships. This MP3 works on clearing and healing these relationships of negative and limiting energies, not limited to traumas, memories, imprints, energetic cords, contracts, vows, entities, curses, limiting beliefs and deep rooted thought patterns, ancestral healing, and karmic entanglements.  This MP3 also works on infusing love to those relationships that are important to you, further clearing the paths, bringing you closer or more in alignment to your current and/or future relationships that are loving and fulfilling.

With this purchase includes 10 min energetically embedded MP3 w/ healing music & soundless version and pdf instruction.

*Individual results may vary. Please read our refund policy and disclaimers on purchase(s).

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