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Higher Self Emergence Video & MP3s

Higher Self Emergence Video & MP3s

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Strengthening and increasing your connection to your Higher Self, Guidance/God Team, and your Spiritual Money Advisors.  Further merging those aspects of your Soul/Higher Self that have already lived through and have mastered life, to bring forth the perfect healing activations/downloads, pearls of wisdom, knowledge, skills, talents, clarity, and guidance to assist you in living your life right now with more ease and grace. Allowing you to remember who you really are - your true luminous nature - the Divine spark in each of us.  The video contains high vibrational healing holograms and healing music, Novaphonic Q' Sound frequencies to further entrain and upgrade your energies to the highest vibrations possible.

Enjoy this beautiful sample video clip 2:22 minutes of the Higher Self Emergence. Experience more of your True Essence and IMAGINE what’s possible for you!

With this purchase includes a 11 min  energetically embedded Video and MP3 w/ healing music & soundless version and pdf instruction.

*Individual results may vary. Please read our refund policy and disclaimers on purchase(s).

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